Engaging Website Design Ideas for Startups on a Budget

Startups deal with unique challenges. First, they have a limited amount of money in the bank. Second, their team is mostly compensated through equity – remember, you can’t eat stake. Third, their investors want to generate a significant return on their money in as short… Read More

ECommerce Discounting Strategies

Used wisely, discounts can be an effective method of expanding your business. However, you must be careful to avoid its pitfalls. The first, most important consideration is deciding which of the ecommerce discounting strategies best applies to your situation. In most cases, this will be… Read More

Google Launch Audiobook Service

After venturing into the smartphone market with the Pixel in 2016, Google is now looking to compete with tech giants in the realm of audiobooks. While Apple have dominated the former with the iPhone, Amazon remains the king of audiobooks with their Audible service. Now Google… Read More