Why Your Business Needs Organic SEO


Reports of the death of search engine optimisation have been greatly exaggerated. The old-style forms of SEO are long-gone, and what we now have in their place is an intelligent, ever-evolving way of keeping businesses visible online. The new, organic SEO methods will be able to keep up with, or at least withstand, Google’s algorithm changes so the sites using them don’t plummet down the rankings as soon as the Googolplex flexes a muscle.

The basic techniques of SEO still work – think about it, there’s no way they couldn’t – and as long as companies concentrate on providing a good user experience and high-quality content whilst employing organic SEO methods, they’ll maintain their rankings.

So let’s hear it for organic SEO! If you’ve dismissed the idea in the recent past, here arefive reasons why you should rethink, stat!

It’s cost-effective

Other online marketing methods, like pay-per-click or lead purchasing, have significant initial and on-going costs. Of course you’re not going to skimp on these methods, but SEO is a low-cost option that gives your business a great return of investment that’s consistent and easily maintained. The likes of PPC and social media campaigns look fancier, but a solid organic SEO strategy is your foundation.

Online searches have an increased market share

Around 80% of shoppers read online reviews before buying anything – from a new car to dishwasher tablets – and before we know it everyone will do a quick Google beforehand. If you want your business to stay visible and accessible, you need organic search engine optimisation from Marketing Signals so that traffic doesn’t end up at your competitors’ feet.

The rise (and rise) of the mobile

More traffic comes from mobile devices than from desktops now, which has led to local search optimisation. Your device knows where you are, so when you want a falafel in Manchester, it’ll find the nearest place. These techniques mean you’ll get pinpointed traffic coming to your site, all (well, some) ready to make a purchase.

Great content counts

Every time Google – or any other search engine – changes its algorithm, this changes the way it assesses and ranks websites. These days your social media profiles count heavily towards your ranking, and they have to exist and change (preferably for the better) over a period of time, too, as Google looks back as well as forward.

Everyone else is doing it

Like your rivals, for example. SEO is constantly changing and improving, and if everyone else around you has adopted organic SEO and you haven’t, you’ll get left further and further behind with every algorithm change and every development.

It’s important for your business that you invest in an organic SEO strategy, or review the one you’re currently using. It’s true that Google has withdrawn all information about keyword data, but this doesn’t mean SEO has gone away. To remain viable as a business, you need to remain visible and so your SEO campaign is one of your most vital branding and marketing tools – it’s money well spent.