How To Choose A Web Designer

How To Choose A Web DesignerWhen you want to take your business online or create a professional website for another purpose, looking for a professional web designer is one of the first things you need to do. But, if it’s your first time searching for a web designer with legitimate skills and experience, it’s important to know how to choose the right web designer for you.

Ask the Right Questions

Even if you see a web designer’s physical or online portfolio, you also need to ask yourself questions to evaluate the web designer in order to see if he or she is the right designer for you. Be sure to know what you want to have on your website and what you want the web designer to accomplish for you. This will help you narrow down what types of questions you want to use to evaluate the web designer. Some examples of questions include:

– Has the web designer completed projects for clients similar to what I require for my website?

Are there authentic testimonials about this web designer from previous clients available, and are there references I can contact?

Does the web designer have experience in branding work if I want branding?

– Does the web designer have experience in working with the platform I want to use such as WordPress?

– Does the web designer offer a maintenance program if I need him or her to maintain my site when I need it?- Does the web designer have insurance? What happens if something goes wrong?

Interviewing Effectively

The first thing you need to do before interviewing a web designer is to outline your website vision exactly; give as much detail as possible in the outline so that the web designer completely understands what you want. Some examples of important details you should provide to the web designer include:

– Budget for the entire project, which you should research estimations in order to give a fair price to the web designer

– The atmosphere that you want to create when people visit your site

– The purpose of your website

– Examples of websites you like

– Website design, functionality and style

After creating your outline, you can present it to prospective web designers to see if they’re up for the job and if they can offer you a price quote and advice on how they can improve your outline.

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What Not to Say to a Web Designer

While talking with a potential web designer for your website project, there are a few things you shouldn’t say to him or her in order to keep the peace between you and the designer. If you come across as offensive or a potentially problematic client, you can lose a qualified web designer for your project. Here are two example phrases you should avoid when discussing your project with a web designer:

1. “I could do this myself easily if I had the time.”

Web designers complete difficult, technical tasks that takes a lot of studying to understand, so this phrase tells the web designer that you think his or her job is simple and not worth the hundreds of dollars you pay. Instead, simply tell them what you’re looking for and allow them to judge the complexity of the project.

2. “I need a website, so how much will it cost?”

This phrase doesn’t give enough information to the web designer, and, due to that, they can’t give you an accurate price quote. Depending on the type of project, prices vary widely. The web designer needs to know specific details of your project and see if he or she is qualified for it.

When choosing a web designer, trust your instincts to guide you to the right person. Make sure that there is a good connection between yourself and a web designer to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Communication is an important aspect of choosing a web designer for your website project, so be sure that proper communication is established between you and the web designer as well. Since web design is a major investment, there’s no need to rush through picking a web designer; take your time choosing a web designer so that you receive the website of your dreams.

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