Why Build WordPress Sites with Cherry WordPress Themes?

 Cherry WordPress Themes?We hope 12.12.12 was a lucky day for you, and it was also a special day for web designers and developers who are members of the WordPress community. This day the first Cherry WordPress Theme was released by TemplateMonster. Actually, there are 5 Cherry WordPress Themes at templatemonster.com now and this number will grow over time. So, let’s see what Cherry WordPress Themes are all about and why you may need them.

Cherry WordPress Themes are the themes built with Cherry framework. By the way, Cherry is a new framework for WordPress that makes it easier for users to build WordPress Themes and WordPress websites. This framework is released by the TemplateMonster team. Actually, Cherry is a framework created by developers for developers, but it’s also a perfect solution for anyone who wants to build WordPress sites in minimum time.

Speaking about the main peculiarities of Cherry framework we should mentioned that Cherry WordPress Themes are easy to install (all changes can be done in the WordPress admin area); also it allows an easy way to install WordPress plugins. Another thing to mention is that Cherry has been built using Bootstrap, which means the following: all Cherry WordPress Themes are responsive; developers can save their time with Short codes and Post Formats, etc.

If you like the idea of not working hard when developing WordPress sites and managing them, and you’d like to try Cherry WordPress Themes, you can find them below.

Now when you have a basic understanding of Cherry WordPress Themes, it’s time to know how to install them

First of all, you have to login to the WordPress admin panel

– Then go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes. Here you should upload the file named CherryFramework.zip;
– After upload is finished click Activate button;
– Again go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes and upload your themeXXXX.zip file;
– After upload is finished click Activate button

You’re almost done, but there are a few more steps to take before your site looks exactly the same way you see it on the demo.

– Go to the Cherry area in the admin panel > Import and upload the options.json file;
– Then upload widgets.json file;
– Click Import Settings button;
– Upload .xml file;
– Click Save Changes to activate SEO-optimized permalinks structure

That’s all; a Cherry WordPress Theme is successfully installed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the themes you’ve just seen and if you’re looking for more information about Cherry WordPress Themes, feel free to visit templatemonster.com.

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