Where to Look for Royalty Free Images for Beautifying Your Posts?

royalty free imagesGetting a visit to your website is totally different than making the visitor stay at your website. You must certainly have balanced proportion of good information, unique text and most importantly a good and creative graphical look and feel. It is highly observed during many studies that after landing to a web page the very first thing that a user gets attracted to it the graphical representation of that page and the content comes next to it. As a personal experience I would definitely prefer a post on same topic that has some graphical explanation along with the text part as well as it keep the boredom away.

However as a small business or blog owner, you cannot afford having photos to be added in your posts specially if you are a regular blogger. If you use someone else’ images then you are certainly violating the copyright terms and can be liable for legal action.

In this post I will drag you out of this situation by putting together the best websites offering royalty free images. Royalty free images are the free images that can be used for commercial purpose as per the license issued by the owner. Below is the complete list of top royalty free images sites:

1. Morguefile

MorgueFile deserves to be at the top of the list with having a great database of thousands of free photos. You can easily get photos of high resolution here without needing any registration. It has one of the best search options where you can search specifically for certain type of images with quite an ease. You can look filter the search by adding keywords, size, color etc.

2. Stock.XCHNG

I have been a registered member of this particular website for over many years. This site has around million of photographs to be used. However not all photos are free to use but still most of them are free to access. You should basically skip top and bottom images of a page as generally these are not free but the ones in the middle are most certainly the ones which you can use to beautify your blog for free. This site requires you to be a registered member however but not a big deal with so much stuff to use.

3. Flickr

Flickr must be a well known name for most of readers there. It is highly popular as it enables you to upload, share, save and sort your photos plus added advantage is that you can also use the photos on Flickr to add life to your blog posts. You should search under creative common license to look for free images on this website. Also you should provide a back link to the source of the image to contribute to the source website.


4. Free Media Goo

This is very convenient website on this list to use the free photos for your blog-posts. The resolution of the images here may be a bit lower than other sites but it provides you very easy way to access free photos. You don’t require to register to download the image. Also there is no need to give credibility or link back to the website if you are going to use particular image from FreeMediaGoo for online use. There are also some great digital images to offer you something unique and different.

5. Pixabay

Pixabay is very similar to the MorgueFiles.com. It is having a very user friendly interface to let you search any type of images that you are looking for. The clarity of the photos is a big plus point. Also it offers very easy and advanced search option to let you check for the options that get you what type of photos you are actually needed.

6. Openphoto

OpenPhoto emerged in 1998 and was designed basically to target students, tutors, artist, developers etc. It offers over 16011 images. All images are well categorized. However there are free as well paid images as well so you need to look for the copyright and license information for each image first.

7. Public Domain Images

This website makes you available with different types of royalty free images in public domain. They offer all images free of cost. The search function again is highly useful to find images matching your content theme. Only small issue with this website is a number of Google ads which can distract you a bit but that’s quite fair for a site to help making it money when it is offering things for free.

Utilize these resources next time you compose your new blog post to keep your visitors entertained besides adding visual beauty to your blog or website and all this is for completely free.

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