How to Include Selling Elements on Your Website

selling element in websiteIf you are a new or established business owner, you may be scratching your head on how you will best market your brand to prospective online site visitors. When it comes to designing the website that will best represent what the company has to offer, businesses must ensure that they have all the right engaging elements that will not only entertain their audience, but also inform them in a way that will keep them coming back for more. Once the website has all of the winning elements between eye catching copy to a colorful design and user friendly interface, your business is well on its way to being a successful online entity.

Web Design Layout and User Friendliness

When prospects come to your website they want to be able to navigate with ease. For this reason it’s important to keep the layout of your website simple, yet captivating to the eye. Since visitors may not necessarily go to the home page first, the site will have to have all of the catch phrases on the top half of each page. This area is called above the fold. This is usually the area that site visitors will view first upon page load. The design and colors of the site must be consistent with the company colors that have been established on any marketing material that the public has been introduced to, such as business cards, signage, brochures, logos, etc. Make sure that the site is well organized and the buttons are easy to see. The last thing people want to do is to search your site and get lost in the complexity of it.

Using Animation Effectively

When it comes to using graphics for your site, animation can give the site a very personable touch. It’s important to use animation effectively on a website, so that it will not distract from what the visitor came there to find. Animated talking avatars should be used to personally introduce the site to the visitor in an intriguing way. One way that an animation can be effectively incorporated is if an animated avatar or talking head is assisting the visitor with frequently asked questions. Depending on the type of business you are designing a site for; animation can also be used as a virtual tour through your facility. This is very effective for real estate or land development presentation websites.

Make Sure Buyers Feel Safe

selling element in website

If you begin to think like most of your prospects that will be shopping online, you would soon realize that people like to feel safe when they purchase online. For this reason, it’s key to have a privacy policy and terms of service established on your newly designed website. Make sure that you are affiliated with a reputable merchant account that will allow your clients to safely use their credit card or bank account information on a secure server. We still live in an age where people are most comfortable doing business with someone that they can reach by phone or email, therefore you must ensure that you have the appropriate contact information on the website.

Create Catchy Copy

Remember that people are primarily online to get information about a specific product or service. This is why your website should be equipped with the proper engaging website copy. They say that “content is king” when it comes to online shopping and surfing which is the absolute truth. Make sure you have a professional create content that ask questions and stimulate a call to action response throughout your website. Things like “Are you a stay at home mom, looking for the right work at home opportunity?” is just an example of what will begin to peek a certain target market’s interest. Once you know your target audience, you will want to design your copy based off of how they normally speak.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure that your website is speaking to the right audience, with these main key elements incorporated to start. It doesn’t hurt to update the website every so often in these areas ensuring that you are staying current with the ever changing trends.

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  1. I think it is true that selling elements of any website have to be presented in a highly attractive manner. The viewer needs to be engrossed during his time spent on the website. If not, there are likely chances of him leaving the page and searching for another interesting page. A web designer has to be sure that his theme is creative enough to keep the viewer engrossed all the while.

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