How to Find Out the Right Keywords for SEO?

keywordIf you are going to start a blog or a website for selling your products/ services, the most important thing that you need to keep in your mind is SEO. Without proper SEO, a website cannot become successful on the internet. Talking about the SEO, there are certain aspects about which you should gather as much information as possible. One of the aspects, the most important one, is to research proper keywords. If you are selling shoes on your website but it ranking for jackets then you will never make any sales through it. So, you are required to put some effort in keyword research and we are going to enlighten your knowledge with some cool tools that can be used to find right keywords for your SEO campaign.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool is well-known and most commonly used keyword research too. Very easily, you can search for any keyword and find information about how many people are searching for that keyword on Google. Keep in mind that this tool will provide you information collected by Google only. Not only that you can find detailed information about a particular keyword but this tool will also suggest you some other popular variations of the same keyword as well. This will help you create short and long tail keywords to insert in your new post.

Word Tracker


If there is any other that is most commonly used after Google keyword tool than it is Word Tracker? This is very simple and easy to use keyword research tool and it provides relevant and up to date results for keyword research. If you don’t want to spend any money on keyword research then you can use this tool for fee but for better results, you will have to sign up for premium account. However, the search results provided by Word Tracker are based on traffic coming from USA only.

Keyword Spy

Not only that this tool can help you come up with cool keyword ideas to insert in your new blog post but it can also help you find such information that can be used to crush your competition. It will give you a simple analysis of top ranking websites for a particular keyword so you can plan your SEO campaign keeping that data in mind. This tool can also be used to PPC campaign because it provides most relevant data about your PPC competitors.


The WordStream is an extremely popular keyword research tool that can help you find information about more than 1 billion keywords. Before you start writing your blog post, use this tool to find the right keywords that should be placed in that blog post. This way, you will be able to properly optimize your new blog post and the chances of that post appearing at top of SERP will increase automatically.

Another good approach is to use all the above described tools before writing a new article and use those keywords in your post that are commonly found by all these tools.

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  1. Finding the right keywords is critical to SEO. It is a site’s gateway to the cyber world. If you choose one that is being used by a lot of sites, you’ll end up nowhere. If you choose one with less competition, it can also mean less searches for that keyword. Choose the best one and lead your site to traffic and profit.

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