A Showcase of Creative, Quirky Logo Designs

logo designTraditionally, companies have chosen to have professional, corporate and potentially quite stern logo designs. But this gives smaller, nimble and agile companies – the one’s with a bit more personality – the ability to stand out by deliberately designing a more quirky and unusual logo. Because it’s unexpected, it draws attention and can make the company feel more friendly and personable, and can often result in being talked about more.

Designing an unusual, quirky logo isn’t always easy, however. It takes imagination and ingenuity, and often a sense of humor. It’s not easy to produce, but when you get it right, it’s incredibly rewarding.

We’ve brought together a showcase of creative and quirky logo designs for your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy the collection and find it a useful source of inspiration.

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A Showcase of Creative, Quirky Logo Designs

Have you found any examples of beautifully designed, thoughtfully crafted and ultra-creative logos? Sound off in the comments.

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