What Are the Things to Consider When Designing a Logo?

Whether you’re creating a logo for a new business or redesigning on existing one, Logo design is a critical part of your website.When designing a logo, it’s important to think about your audience and try to see your site the way they will. Representing your company and business name, a logo can also become a valuable commercial asset. Your logo design needs to reach out and pull your visitors into your site.
There are many ways your logo can help influence your visitors. Some of the most common things to consider when creating your logo design are:• Colors
• Shapes
• Fonts

Your logo is a chance to grab the attention of your visitors to your website and try to direct them to the area of your site that you want them to focus on. A logo can act as a first impression for your potential customers.

1) Colors

Color psychology is critical when looking to design or redesign your logo. Colors can influence your brain and bring on feelings about the product you are seeing. Different colors will evoke different feelings and needs to be considered when choosing your logo colors. When using colors for your logo, it’s important to consider the psychology of different colors.

• RED- Typically considered the strongest of all colors, red is associated with passion, strength, vigor and vitality.
• YELLOW- Feelings of hunger, warmth, happiness and positivity are associated with yellow. Other considerations for yellow are that it is bright and helps to catch your eye.
• BLUE- Usually considered the most royal of the colors, blue evokes feeling of power, security, stability and faithfulness. Blue helps a logo appear to be somber and serious.
• GREEN- Used as a color to bring in feelings of tranquility, vitality and freshness, green also is known as an environmentally friendly color.

2) Shapes

Another area of logo design that can influence a persons reaction or feelings for your website is the shape. It’s important for a logo to have a shape that people can recognize even if they can only see the outline of the logo. Consider using a shape that is simple and clear but still grabs the attention of your visitors. Different shapes can encourage the brain to react with emotions or feelings about your logo and business. When used properly shapes and lines can help your logo create a desired feeling or tone with your visitors. Some of the more common shapes and the reaction they can bring about are:

• ROUND- Rounded shapes are most commonly associated with friendship, care and a relationship.
• ANGLES- These shapes typically bring feelings of stability and balance. The straight lines and edges can evoke feelings of efficiency and professionalism.
• LINES- Horizontal and curved lines are typically considered feminine and help bring feelings of tranquility and relaxation while vertical lines are thought to be more masculine with feelings of aggression and energy.

3) Fonts

The last thing to consider when looking at the psychology of a logo is the choice of fonts. Besides needing to be easy to read, the font in your logo can also help strengthen your logo. Look for smooth and clean fonts that convey feelings of cleanliness and don’t take away from the overall look and feel of your logo. There is a lot of science and thought that needs to go into designing a logo if you want to get the most effect from your website visitors.

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  1. Logo is vary important part while making the web designing.different company use different Logo according there designing.and while creating there some consideration should be taken as you mention here which is quite right.

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