An Infographic to Help You Learn Responsive Web Design

Don’t you agree it’s a bit irritating when the website you’re browsing does not adapt to the screen size you’re viewing it on? To avoid this more and more designers consider responsive approach and create multi-device and multi-platform web pages. Of course, it would not be possible without them knowing the basics of responsive web design, but what books should you read, what tutorials should you follow to build websites that would not only fit computers, but also laptops, tablets and smart phones? You can either spend hours, if not days, to find helpful tips on responsive web design on the net, or you can scroll down and see an awesome infographic that has all you need to know about responsive design as well as information on how to easily build responsive websites.

And if you click on the image you’ll be taken to the dynamic version of the infographic which is like an exciting game. You click on the icons arranged in a path and this is how you find links to the most comprehensive responsive design tutorials and tools. Also, this is a quick way to access helpful articles and free PDF books to get you started with responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

With a growing number of devices used to surf the web, it’s vitally important and create flexible websites. So, if you’re looking to dive into the world of RWD, why don’t you give this infographic a try?

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