Jul 16, 2014

24 Premium Wordpress Tesla Themes (+ optional HTML Themes) - only $25! From Mighty Deals

Tesla WordPRess Theme
Sometimes we get deals that are so crazy popular, we just have to bring them back. That's happened with our Tesla Themes bundles in the past. Well, guess what. Not only are we bringing back this unbelievable premium WordPress Theme deal, but we're making it even bigger and even better than ever before!
Jul 9, 2014

Create Your Online Presence with Easy Website Builder Tools

website builder tools
To have an online presence of your business has become of the most important tasks to improve your business and increase the potential clientele. However, designing and developing a business website involves cost which cannot be feasible for small businesses. This is when the best free website builder tools come into picture.
Jun 11, 2014

Cyberfraud: Technology Fights Back

cyber fraud
Financial cyber crime is becoming more common as fraudsters begin to adapt increasingly sophisticated techniques. As the criminals become ever more daring, it is up to technology software companies to remain one step ahead. Business owners and customers also need to be extra vigilant and tech savvy to avoid becoming victims of online fraud. While the internet is for the most part a safe and secure way to purchase goods there will always be opportunists ready to pounce. Knowing how they work and how to avoid them is key.
Jun 10, 2014

11 Amazing Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design

11 Amazing Examples of Textures and Patterns in Web Design
Textures & patterns…the backbones of your design! They are great way to add aliveness in your design. Textures & patterns make your work easy anytime. And to know how to use them, here are 11 amazing examples of textures & patterns in web design. Be it anything, it adds depth & interest in your design to the great extent.
May 22, 2014

5 Reasons to Choose a Professional Photographer for Your Branding Campaigns

professional photographer
Branding campaigns are important for getting your business name and brand out into the public, while also establishing the kind of company you are. However, there are right and wrong ways to create a branding campaign and – unless your company happens to be known for an amateur look and feel – you’ll need professional marketers every step of the way. One key professional to have on your team is a photographer, and below you’ll find out why. Often, if you’re looking for a whole team of creative professionals, your best bet is to hire an entire agency, such as 4040 Creative.
Apr 28, 2014

How to Design a SEO Friendly Website

Building an aesthetically appealing website is important, but if you’re not getting any visibility in the search engines there won’t be many people seeing it! Considering the sheer quantity of consumers online, SEO is a must for most businesses, constituting one of the most viable modern marketing tools. Through the following design practices you can ensure your site is going to be set in good stead for sustained online visibility. Below is Search Factory's top tips for creating an SEO friendly site.
Apr 24, 2014

The 5 Basic Principles of Graphic Design Explained

graphic design
Since graphic design is essentially a form of visual communication, it is important to be familiar with the building blocks in order to convey your message in the most effective means possible. Many effective examples of these 5 basic principles can be found by browsing design agency websites such as simple.com.au, however if you’re looking for the fundamentals behind good design read on:
Apr 17, 2014

Multimedia Content: A New Business Frontier?

Multimedia Content: A New Business Frontier?
Multimedia is the combination of two or more different forms of content. When you think about it in such simple terms, almost everything we now see, hear or experience is some form of multimedia content. Movies, TV shows, music videos and computer games characterize our daily lives, they're what we experience, or read and hear about online or from our friends and family. Having a great effect on our everyday lives also means that multimedia has a great effect on the way we do business. Quite frankly, business is changing. The necessity for digital and social media strategy is becoming ever more important, especially for those business specializing in multimedia or digital content.
Apr 14, 2014

The New Colossal Bundle with $10,063 worth of Top-Quality Resources – From $49

The New Colossal Bundle with $10,063 worth of Top-Quality Resources – From $49
Inky Deals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with an extended family of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts. It’s the place to go if you want to buy premium resources at unbeatable prices, whether you’re a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself and your work.
Apr 3, 2014

Starting Your Own Internet Business in 6 Easy Steps – It's Easier Than You Think!

internet business
An internet business is essentially a virtual storefront through which consumers can purchase products or services and for obvious reasons, internet businesses have become incredibly popular over the last decade or so with small business owners and entrepreneurs. But whilst internet businesses might well be easier to set up than their traditional counterparts and require less investment capital, that does NOT mean they don't require as much, if not more commitment and work.