Sitejet: Avoid the Pitfalls of Templates With This Powerful Tool

Sitejet review custom made

Designing the perfect website can be a costly and time-consuming process. Thankfully, the introduction of website templates has helped take some of the weight off designers’ shoulders.

They’ve also created somewhat of a moral dilemma. Five years ago, designers would have to know multiple coding languages to create a beautiful website. Nowadays, they can piggyback on another designer’s work and pass it off as their own thanks to the range of customization options available in most website templates.

This shift in the way websites are built has left the door open for unskilled designers who like to take shortcuts. Competing with these designers for jobs can be difficult. They build websites in much the same manner as a McDonald’s drive-through. The same website with a slice of tomato or bacon to help differentiate it from the rest.

Here are some of the pitfalls of this method:

  1. Only Using Templates That are Made for a Particular Niche

    Let’s say your client is in the interior design industry and is looking for a website that displays that fact quite clearly. Your first thought might be to search for themes specifically relating to that industry. In most cases, this is the wrong approach. Unless your client needs specific features on the site that are only found in that industry, it’s best to search for more general themes. Why? Because general themes are usually bigger is scope, offering a wider range of features, customization options, and – in most cases – greater customer support.

  2. Having a Set Number of Templates for All of Your Jobs

    Limiting your web design to just a few selected templates will always result in you creating sites that look similar. Clients will start to notice this, and it could create the impression of a lack of effort on your part. It’s also worth considering what your portfolio will look like to outsiders. It’s impossible to build an enviable portfolio if every site you create looks the same as the other

Sitejet to the rescue

Website builders are always evolving. The new player in this space, Sitejet, allows you to add custom code to any theme. This makes it possible to grant any kind of client-requested alteration. It also provides an opportunity to showcase your coding skills in comparison with a designer who may only know how to build websites by using a template and a theme.

Here’s a look at how Sitejet’s features and powerful toolkit made web design a breeze:

  1. Customization

    Sitejet’s interface allow you to alternate between a visual platform and the underlying code. This means you can customize the site with unimaginable precision, alternating between drag-and-drop designs and CSS and Javascript code uploads.
    The toolkit allows you to play around with:

      • Fonts
      • Colors
      • Buttons
      • The Header and footer
      • Menu layout
      • Graphics
      • Backgrounds
      • Image shapes

    … and everything else you can think of!

    Having the ability to change all these features will allow you to use a website template multiple times.

  2. Easy to use

    Sitejet has asimple interface and makes it even easier to use while adding some savvy features.

    The platform can let you track the hours you spend designing the site, edit multiple pages easily, share your draft with your clients, and even track statistics for your entire web design business. The combination of simplicity and utility make Sitejet an excellent addition to your business arsenal. But what about pricing?

  3. Pricing

    Sitejet’s plans start at $5 and go up to $89 a month, depending on the number of team mates you bring onto the platform. That’s reasonable compared to other web design platforms when you think about all the immense value these features add to your business.

Final Thoughts

Your client will likely have a timeframe and a budget they need to stick to. Using a template can help you to speed up a project and keep the cost down – two things a lot of clients will love. However, an off-the-shelf template is no match for the flexibility, customization, and level of control Sitejet offers.

If you’re an experienced professional or a web design agency, the minimal costs of a Sitejet subscription could be well worth to succeed with your web design business even more..