5 Useful Server Maintenance Tips to Help Grow Your Business

img_1Server maintenance requires a network administrator to perform preventive protection. It involves keeping a server up-to-date and running in order for the computer network to operate smoothly. The administrator must also review the server’s performance and security risks and back up protocols regularly to minimize any risks for errors and system failures.

If the maintenance is not performed on a computer network, the application software will not run as fast as expected. It may experience a total or partial network failure which might affect a business. Thus, it is important that server maintenance should be done to ensure the success of a company.

A reliable and efficient server enables you to run an effective and secure business. Hence, here are some server maintenance tips to keep the growth of your business:

Update your operating system

Keeping your operating system (OS) updated makes your work more efficient. By updating your OS regularly, you fix important security issues as well as lessen any risks and system failures. In case you do not have a management service or auto-updates enabled, make sure to review your OS for critical security updates.

Verify if your backups are functional

While most back up hosting plans can be a bit expensive, it is a very important step to maintain the performance of your server. Be sure to back up first before changing your production system. Your business might suffer a permanent data loss if you are not careful. You may run test recoveries before deleting critical data.

Check your disk usage

A good way to maintain the speed of your server is by cleaning your disk space. You’ll also risk scheduled backups if you do not have enough space to run certain processes. To clean, empty the recycle bin, check for hidden files, compress website log folders, and clean performance monitor reports. You should also remove windows error report files. Keeping your system free of old files limits security issues.

Go over your user accounts

Storing old users and sites can be both a legal and security risk. That is why, if you change your staff members, had client cancellations, or other user changes, then you have to remove these from your system. These also free the disk space of your server.

Change your passwords

You should change passwords every six to 12 months, especially when you have given out passwords for maintenance. When making a password, combine number, symbols, and capital and lower-case letters to form a word that is easy to remember, but difficult to guess. This ensures that everything stored in your system remains secured.

There are many server maintenance tips that you can do, but those mentioned above are vital to keep your company secure and running. Always keep in mind that your business’ growth and success should be your top priority.

However, you cannot achieve success in your business without performing server maintenance regularly. This might be costly, but you can cut down expenses by contracting a network support company to do the job. With their help, you can get your business operation at its peak.