The History of Email and Email Design

Did you know that we’ve been emailing people since the 1970s? In terms of technology, that makes it the mature kid on the block. But that doesn’t mean that email is past it. Quite the opposite in fact…

Throughout the years email has quite possibly evolved more than anything else. It’s gone from an easy way for computer users to connect to another person, to a profitable marketing method that enables advertisers to connect with their entire audience at the click of a button.

It’s seen the invention of the first website that meant email marketers had to become smart and design for the web. It’s changed the way we use language, with ’email’ terminology added to the dictionary. It’s adapted to the rise of smartphones and various email providers. Heck, it’s even been to space – which is probably more than most of us can put on our resume.

But one thing that remains consistent is how popular email always has, and probably always will be. In fact, there are 247 billion emails sent every day and 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of marketing emails.

So what can we learn from the history of email? Well, you’re in luck because the folks over at Instiller have actually put together this awesome infographic: The history of email and email design, so you can find out!