Adding Some Fun into Web Design

16462381_sIntroducing a bit of fun into the elements of a web design can go a long way in improving the experience of the users. The website can be more enjoyable as well as memorable. However, it is important to differentiate with what is fun and what is already silly. It is entirely possible to add an interesting element into your design without seeming too childish.

Making it Fun but Professional

There are many ways to achieve a fun but professional website. A good example can be found on the famous Google website. On specific days, we can see eye-catching doodles replacing the standard company logo. On some days, the doodle can be a simple graphical drawing, but on other days, the doodle can be interactive.

By doing this, Google is able to introduce a bit of fun into the website without making it obtrusive for the users. This means that the main functions and services of the website is not compromised but these fun elements.

Making the Ordinary a Bit More Interesting

By improving the ordinary, you can set your website apart from the others. For example, you can improve an otherwise boring “about us” page by adding personal elements into the design. Instead of simply filling up the web page with large text areas, you can include an interesting photo of the team or even a cartoon representation of each member.

Another way is adding something new to other boring fixtures in the website. For example, you can diffuse an otherwise frustrating “404 error” page by adding some humor into the design. You can replace the normal “404 error” message with a more personal text. You may even help out the users by including important links leading to some key web pages that can help them navigate the website and find what they are looking for.

Telling a Story

Another way to add some fun into a website is telling a story. For example, a simple story directly relevant to your website can be shared as the user scrolls through a web page. This can be a great way to make the mission and vision of the company easily digestible for the users.

Using Just the Right Amount

Probably the biggest challenge when adding some fun into your web design is knowing when to stop. By having too little, the users may not even notice or appreciate it. However, by having too much, you risk driving away some of the users. For example, an “about us” page with a very busy layout, and too many interesting graphics and personalized texts can be confusing to the users who want to quickly learn what the company does.

As mentioned previously, it is important to make the elements unobtrusive to those who want to quickly make use of the services offered by the website. One way around this is to add a clear and concise tagline at the very top of the page. With this, the web page is able to readily offer the users the information they need. You can, then, introduce to the rest of the web page a fun and quirky design.