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Would you like to get all the tools for data analysis the big sites use? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all these tools for a discounted price? Or even better, what if you could get all these tools for free to try them out?

Well, look no further, Hotjar insights is offering all the data insights you need for free, if you sign up before August 30th, 2014. (After the free trial period, you can continue with Hotjar at a significantly discounted price)

What is Hotjar Insights?

Hotjar Insights is a web app to help you understand your website visitors. It combines several insight tools (that you might pay for separately) into one unified platform. These tools include:

Hotjar Insights combines metrics into one platform.
  • Heatmaps that tell you where your users are clicking.
  • Feedback forms.
  • Exit polls.
  • Surveys.
  • Video recordings of users using your site.
  • A platform for recruiting people to do user testing for you.
  • Live chat integration.
  • Funnel analysis.
  • And of course, more.

With Hotjar Insights you can truly understand your website visitors. If you are a web designer, UX (user experience) specialist or into web marketing, Hotjar gives you the tools you need. All your data, reports and data are securely stored in the cloud, and are accessible at lightning speed.

What Are Unlimited Insights?

With one simple affordable plan, you can generate insights on an unlimited number of websites, and make these available to an unlimited number of users. Hotjar will also gather insights from an unlimited number of page views.

To make this possible, Hotjar Insights samples reports (such as heatmaps and email surveys) with over a million data points. This provides statistically accurate insights at a very affordable price.

How is Hotjar Different?

Here is what Hotjar writes on their site:

Services like CrazyEgg, ClickTale and Qualaroo only offer one core feature e.g. heatmaps – at a premium price. To justify this they create additional features that you really do not need. You are also charged with complex plans based on how many sites, users and page views your site has. Features are also limited based on the plan you pay for.

With Hotjar Insights there are no pageview or user limitations. Hotjar Insights has one simple plan that delivers unlimited insights.


How much does it cost?

Hotjar is offering unlimited access to Hotjar Insights for free to everyone that shares their unique link during our beta period after signing up. After the beta period, you’ll receive an additional month of free, and if you like what you see you will have the option of staying on at $29/month (discounts will be given to all early users). In comparison, $49/month gets you only Heatmaps for 100k page views on services like CrazyEgg.

Get free early access to Hotjar Insights if you sign up before August 30th, 2014.

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