I Have a File to Share, How do I Turn it Into a Torrent?

I Have a File to Share, How do I Turn it Into a Torrent?You have a file that you want to share. It could be something you made yourself or content that licensed under a Creative Commons License type where the copyright holder has permitted the file to be distributed and that can be share freely online. Providing you’re not sharing anything you shouldn’t (either because it would be classified as copyright infringement, or inappropriate distribution of trade secrets, for example) you have every right to share files you hold the copyright in. If this is the case you need to prepare the file so it can be spread out far and wide using various methods, such as peer to peer file sharing. The problem is if you’ve never created a torrent file you will have to learn, but thankfully it’s not that difficult and by following the tips below anyone can easily do so.

Finding the Right Client

Before you begin you’ll need to find a suitable client to use, a piece of software that is freely available that you can install quickly and easily onto your PC or Mac. There are all sorts of BitTorrent clients available but don’t just rush into downloading the first one you find that comes up in your search results. It’s important to investigate the client a little bit first. The best clients will be used by other people around the world that will not be interested in sharing things they shouldn’t. They will also provide information on their website that will help you to avoid sharing content that could lead you into trouble.

One such responsible client to consider is Vuze. Vuze is a bittorrent client that has been favorably reviewed by the respected website CNET and has been awarded accolades from pcmag.com. It’s a simple app that is easy to use and there’s plenty of useful advice found that could benefit anyone who is new to using and creating torrents.

Creating the Torrent File

Once you’ve downloaded the Vuze client, open it up and look for the File tab on the menu bar. A drop down menu will open up with different options but the one you need is called New Torrent. Click on the New Torrent label and a torrent wizard will open in a new window. The new window is where you’ll create the torrent file. To do this all you need to do is select the file you want to be transformed, and which file is either in the public domain (no copyright applies) or you have the legal right to make it available for uploading and downloading.


Once you’ve selected the file you’ll be able to choose some tracker options, it could be embedded, external or decentralized. The embedded tracker allows you to share your newly created torrent file directly so there’s no need for an external tracker. If you don’t want to host the torrent it’s better to choose the external tracker option. This will allow you to share the file on a suitable website where users can choose it and download it without having to become a host or use your static IP.

You have decided what files you want to share and chosen the external tracker option, so click the Next button. This is when you drag and drop your selected file into the window that opens or you can browse on your PC to find the right files and add them that way. Click the Next button, tick the option that reads ‘open the torrent for seeding’ and click on the Finish button. The Vuze client will then begin working; the time will vary depending on the size of your files, but once completed you save the file.

Sharing Your Torrent File

You’ve done the hard work (it really wasn’t that difficult was it?) and now you’re ready to unleash your content into the world. To do this you’ll need to open Vuze and open the torrent file you just saved from the drop down menu listed under File on the menu bar. You should be able to view your file in your library on the client and with a simple right click you can publish the file from the menu. When you publish the file you’ll be given a URL for your torrent which you are able to share with your friends and family. To share the file with the general public you’ll need to register with a torrent site so other people can find your file with ease.

It is essential to remember that you must avoid sharing copyrighted material at all cost when you use Vuze or any torrent application or tracker site. Always double check the content you’re sharing to ensure it is either permitted to be distributed under the appropriate Creative Commons License or that it consists of content that you own the complete copyright too, and that doesn’t violate copyright, trade secrets trademark, privacy, or other laws.
John Russell is a tech and marketing expert with several years of expertise under his belt. When used correctly he recognizes the advantages of using bit torrent clients.

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John Russell is a tech and marketing expert with several years of expertise under his belt. When used correctly he recognizes the advantages of using bit torrent clients.