How Video Is Changing the Face of Internet Marketing

How Video Is Changing the Face of Internet MarketingIf there ever was a sensation that the internet would prove to be most useful is that of the ability to transfer video. Over the spans of millions of miles worldwide, people are sending and receiving video online. This phenomenon isn’t just a whimsical fancy, either. If anything, it has become the primary function of the internet. Websites like YouTube were to become some of the most widely used websites with good reason. These sites have become not only great informational tools but the subject of fun entertainment. The use of video can be a great marketing tool for those looking to amaze customer and clients.


Using video through the internet has allowed people to connect and present information about them, a company, or just about anything without the extensive trip planning. Video transfers can be done using high-speed internet connections to connect to as many as are needed. These presentations can be done live or can be prerecorded. A company that has a small video that introduces the company to potential clients can have a huge impact. These instructional videos can be hosted and put on a website for anyone who visits to see. What this does for a company is put a face with the information and in the end, the key to a successful presentation is the presence of the person delivering the information.


For those that remember the days of sitting in room for a training video, you know how daunting this was. You would have to take time out of your day to meet with other coworkers in a training room to watch a particular training. In most cases, these were not only required by the company but by law. Internet technology and video has allowed for this process to be eliminated. Virtual classrooms can be set up where people attending have to log in to watch the training video. This not only logs them in to give them credit, as needed, for watching but also allows the freedom for them to do it at their convenience. Upon completion of the video, there can be online quizzes attached as needed to evaluate the understanding. This kind of automation can be administered at any time. Through the use of web casting and streaming, these training opportunities can be done live and allow users to interact, ask questions, and provide personal information as needed.

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In its inception, the design purpose of the internet was to disseminate information and for instant communication. Video technologies have allowed this to go miles beyond what the originators of this science have ever thought. There are ways to communicate using video chats and teleconferencing that seemed unimaginable even a decade ago. These technologies allow business meetings to occur without the hassle of trying to transport each member to one location. They allow project teams from around the globe to connect and report their efforts without delay. All of these possibilities are thought the use of video through the internet.


There’s one thing that is certain, people love to be entertained. Whether that is through the use of a cute video of a kitten or watching their favorite television shows online, the internet has proven to be a powerful force in this. Television, video game consoles, and Blu-Ray players are coming with applications already installed. It is here where they connect online to watch a wide range of videos. Rental sites have become increasingly popular with the invention of streaming video. Companies like Amazon have jumped on board and streaming sites like Netflix have been the principle companies that have caused the fall of others such as, Blockbuster, who reluctantly would need get on the video streaming bandwagon or fall off.

No matter what the purpose, there is without a doubt that video plays an important role in the prime directives of what the internet is to be used for. Any businesses that choose not to accept this may find themselves the way of Blockbuster Video. There are companies like INXPO that help this integration happen and it will truly be beneficial. The key is to get on board now before the technology changes again.

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