5 Tips for a Futureproof and Origonal Logo Design

logo designWho ever said it would be easy? Even though they are small pieces of artwork, a considerable amount of work needs to be put in to get the most out of the creative process. If you thought it was simple, think again. A logo is more than just colours and typefaces and icons all merged into one. It is a representation of the brand; their visual identity. The logo should be so memorable that even without it is instantly remembered when the brand name is called to mind. Sometimes a logo is easier to identify then the company’s name itself! This is especially the case of famous corporations who have spent thousands on creating the perfect logo.

As it is such a crucial piece of artwork, the creative process requires deep thought, planning and lots of redrafting potential ideas. So if it is harder than you first thought, what steps can be taken to create a powerful logo that will be remembered? This blog post attempts to resolve that very question and will provide these steps that will help your creative process and give you the direction you need.

The five tips for memorable logo design

1. Simplicity is key

Keeping it simple and trying not to over complicate is so important when designing a logo. If you want to showcase your artistic skills it is best to do so on another project. Think of it as a way to showcase your insight fulness into design and presentation. These are both vital aspects of a logo. For example, Nikes iconic tick is a perfect illustration of this. The brand name does not even need to be beside it and everyone already knows it is Nike. This is how it should be with your logo, is it still as powerful and recognizable without the brand name beside it? That is why keeping it simple will enable you to achieve this. A symbol does not have to be overcomplicated. In fact, the more complicated it is, the harder it is to remember.

2. Make it vibrant!

To be flexible and adaptable when you are creating the copy and the visuals of your logo is needed if you want to succeed and create the best symbol you can. You must be dynamic in your art work. To innovate, one cannot be static; they must keep moving and improving.

create a logo design

Remember there is not just one type of audience. The brands audience is often made up of several different personality types who have different preferences. So bare this in mind, will it appeal to the masses?

3. Be flexible

The logo has to look god across a spectrum of media and products. Your logo won’t just be seen online; it could be seen on posters, mugs, pencils, keyring’s and much more. You must nurture your art of versatility to ensure that no matter where your logo is, it still looks as powerful as it does in the original design. If your logo only looks good in certain colors, this may be another set back. You want to ensure it looks strong whether black and white or in a different set of colors. Apple’s logo is great example of this. No matter what color the Apple symbol is in, it still represents the company in a positive light.

4. Be exceptional

Uniqueness is often an overused term. Everyone wants their logo to be unique, so what’s so unique about it? Well, the logo must display the brands identity in a way that is distinctive and easily identifiable. For example you may argue that Apples logo of an apple itself is not necessarily thinking outside of the box. But when you notice the bite, you begin to realize it is different. That is what makes it easy to identify.

5. Create a deeper meaning

Each logo should tell a story and should carry a deeper meaning that connects to the audience and helps build a sense of affinity with the brand. If you feel as though you are working with a group of lines and shapes, you cannot find meaning in your design. A strongly designed logo tells two different tales: the noticeable one, and the unnoticeable one.