The Technology behind the New Google Glass

Google GlassAlthough the details about what Google Glass will offer to consumers have been vague and rarely offered, it’s clear that Google plans for this to new technology to be another big hit. Google Glass was introduced to the public at a live skydiving event and has begun allowing developers to preorder Google Glass for $1500. Reports call the skydiving event one of the most daring stunts to ever be pulled at a technological conference yet. The product was debuted when the regular keynote speaker was interrupted as attendees became part of a live Hangout session with a group of skydivers wearing Google’s new wearable computer project.

Important Developments

According to Google executives, the form of Google Glass that is available for developers will be a rough draft as developers work to improve the product. Google has not released any information regarding when consumers can buy glasses online or how much they will cost when it is on the market.

Although Google has not released detailed information regarding the product, two things are clear:

  • Google Glass can record video and photos
  • These photos and videos can be shared using Google+ and during Google+ hangouts

Analysts define Google Glass as the first step in taking computing away from the computer and putting it into the real world. Glass gives the wearer the chance to learn more about the world around them as they go about their daily lives. Although there are challenges to overcome, such as basic safety and privacy implications, it’s clear that Google Glass and the technology behind the product is sending the world one step further into the digital age.

The World’s Next Mobile Device

Some are referring to Google Glass as the world’s next big mobile device as the product is directly integrated with all services offered by Google. Although Glass does not have traditional lenses like other eyeglasses, the product functions with a small display that has an eye-tracking mechanism. Ideally, the device would be controlled mostly by spoken demands as the wearer requests information. With the eye-tracking mechanism, the plan is for users to be able to interact with the device and the data that is displayed on the screen. Glass is essentially a mobile device that doesn’t require you to use your hands.

Direct Interaction with the Device

As consumers have fallen in love with mobile devices, they’ve also become more reliant on being able to touch the screen to control the device. Google Glass and other devices are taking this technology one step further and allowing people to interact directly with the device through spoken commands. Consumers are able to interact with apps, web pages, photos and other digital objects simply by voicing a command or completing a small gesture with the hands. Once again, technology is taking consumers to a place that seemed unreachable several decades ago.

Night Vision

New developments in the Glass technology have created the ability for Google Glass to recognize you in the dark. A new software update that is being applied to the Glass device works to improve the device’s camera in darker situations. When the device detects that the lights are low through the new feature, automatic adjustments are made to compensate for the light in order to give the consumer a brighter and more detailed picture.

Concerns and Benefits

It’s clear that Google intends for this product to be successful, as they recently bought a large stake in the company that supplies the device. Although consumers and developers anxiously await the release of this new device, safety and privacy issues are already being raised by opponents of the development. One thing is clear as Google works to iron out the kinks in the software and push for production of the device and availability to consumers – Google has once again taken the reins and moved forward with technology.

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