The Complete Guide to Google+ Hangouts

Goolge HangoutsGoogle+ is one of the newer social media platforms, but it’s definitely on the rise. A growing number of individuals, companies, celebrities, and public figures have ventured into the world of Google+. The site offers a ton of awesome tools that are designed to keep you connected and make your life easier. One of these tools is their “hangouts,” but a lot of people, (especially those who are new to Google+) aren’t quite sure how hangouts work.

If you’re one of these people, then this article is just for you! We’ve created a newbie-friendly guide to conquering Google+ hangouts. Master these steps, and you’ll be hangin’ out in no time!

What Are Hangouts?

First and foremost, you must understand what hangouts are if you’re ever going to use this tool. Hangouts are essentially conference calls that allow several users to chat and interact simultaneously. Imagine a Skype call with five of your closest friends, and that is essentially what you can expect from a Google+ hangout.

Who Can Use Hangouts?

All Google+ users have access to hangouts, but you have to make sure your computer has the the right specs to support the activity. You definitely need a microphone, and it’s ideal that you have a webcam. If you’re computer doesn’t have a built-in webcam, then you can always buy one separately and just plug it in whenever you need to use it.

When Can You Use Hangouts?

You can start a hangout whenever you and the people you want to invite are available—i.e. online. In order to invite someone to join a hangout you must have them in one of your circles. The same is true for someone else who wants to invite you to join a hangout; they have to have you in one of their circles before they can send the invite.

Why Are Hangouts Useful?

Google+ hangouts are extremely useful in many different situations that extend far beyond just hangin’ out online chit chatting with friends. Here are some examples of situations in which Google+ hangouts could come in extra handy!

1. A Group Of Childhood Friends Catching Up

If an in person reunion isn’t a feasible option, then Google+ makes it possible for a group of old friends to join a single hangout. They can share pictures, watch videos, and more, which will make them feel like they’re hanging out just like old times.

2. A Study Group With Conflicting Schedules

If you’re in school right now then you’ve experienced this, and if you’re out of school, then you certainly remember it. Trying to coordinate around several people’s busy schedules is pretty much a nightmare, especially when you’re in college and you have a million other assignments to worry about. Hangouts make it possible to conduct a study group remotely, and everyone can attend simply by signing into their Google+ account.

3. Employees Collaborating On A Company Project

Collaborating on projects with your work peers can be a great experience, but like college study groups, it can be very difficult to get everyone together outside of work. People have other obligations, especially those who have children to care for. Not to mention the fact that no one really wants to go in to work after hours or on the weekend—unless they absolutely have to.

Luckily, Google+ hangouts provide a much easier and more desirable option for collaborating remotely. By creating a hangout, a group of coworkers can work on a project or presentation together without having to rearrange their busy schedules and avoid having to physically going to the office.

Do YOU use Google+ hangouts? If so, what’s your favorite aspect of this social media tool? Let us know in the comments!

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