Web Designers Can Be More Energy Efficient Too

green energyWhen it comes to looking after the environment, it should fall on everybody’s shoulders to make sure it happens. While the work of one man may not seem life-changing, if everybody did their bit for the planet, it’d be surprising just how much of a positive impact it would have.

Regardless of what business industry you work in, you could make changes for the better, reducing your energy consumption and seeing the savings in your utility bills. While British Gas business gas and electricity are some of the most competitive tariffs around, there are plenty of practices that you could adopt as a business owner to ensure that you and your staff are doing everything you can to reduce your emissions. Compare gas prices online to make sure you’re on the best price plan for your needs and consider switching if you feel you need to.

Even the humble web designer could contribute to a positive future. While their days are spent creating eye-catching, consumer friendly websites that will help to generate the publicity and the hits that their clients need, they could be doing something for our planet at the same time. For a web designer working from an office, the majority of their working day will be spent looking at a computer screen, using various coding suites and imaging software to create web designs that match briefs perfectly. While electrical equipment such as computers and monitors are essential for the work of a web designer, reducing energy consumption is still possible.

When the end of the day arrives, make sure you save your work and shut down your computer completely. It may be tempting to leave it in standby mode for when you arrive the next morning but this is a huge drain on energy supply. For what takes a few minutes in the morning to set back up again, you can help save heaps of money on your employer’s energy bills.

It’s not as easy to shut down some of your equipment – routers and servers won’t be able to be switched off at the end of the day, but server rooms don’t need to be constantly lit either – make use of motion sensor lighting in this instance.

With most of your work online, there shouldn’t be a need for paper correspondence. Keep your liaising with clients web-based, using email attachments and online storage facilities rather than printing things unnecessarily.

Small changes can mean a lot when you consider the effects that more than one employee can have. Encourage them to implement positive changes as soon as possible.