How Are Colors Affective In Business Advertisement

color in logoColors – if there were no colors in this world, it would be all black and white and oh so mundane. There would be no real joy or laughter or variable emotions that make us human. Start thinking about an actual world in black and white – and with no feelings humans would be like robots, sounds like a horrendous place to live in. When a business decides to create a logo or design their outlet or office etc they focus on the colors that best showcase their product and also help gain customers. Below is a list of colors and their importance.


color in logo

Strength, health, and vitality that’s what red stands for. When you see red – two of your basic needs come to surface, food and love. Blood is the essence of life and red blood is a sign of health. Your heart is red and so is the red rose. Fresh meat as well as tomatoes, cherries, apples are all red. So red is most famous in logos for eateries (fast food) where your primary menu is of course meat related products – sandwiches, burgers, pizzas (salamis, sausages, bologna etc). If you want your product to make an impact at POS, you can add the color red to its packaging e.g. selling a strawberry derived product or to a pamphlet or leaflet for distribution. This color even by itself will always make an impact.


color in logo

The color associated with happiness, imagination and warmth. The color enhances concentration but also speeds metabolism. Too much yellow however has proven to increase temper tantrums etc. Always use yellow in combination with either a pastel or a dark hue to reap its advantages. Sunny yellows as well as pastel yellows are used in designing interiors as well as road signs, logos, tables, chairs, business cards and printing stickers etc. Sticky notes are normally yellow since not only is the color prominent but it also helps individuals thought processes.


color in logo

If you want a color that signifies youth, fun, playfulness, enthusiasm, balance, fearlessness, curiosity etc, then choose orange for your brand. Products aimed at a younger generation or ones that remind people of their youth have the color orange as the basic color.


color in logo

Peace and hope that’s what the color blue represents on the United Nations flag. Unity, harmony, loyalty, dependability, caring and compassion these are all linked to this color. The color blue calms the body and helps you relax. This is why hospitals and bedrooms normally have blue as one of the basic colors (bedspreads/sheets etc). When blue is used in logos it is normally paired with white or a very pale/muted color. This is because too much blue (especially dark blue) can cause depression.


color in logo

Green is health, vigor, fertility, wealth, growth, harmony and balance. Normally used as a color for branding organic or plant derived products, it is also used for play station and Xbox.


color in logo

Cleanliness, purity, simplicity and innocence is what the color white denotes. Mostly used to decrease the stronger effects of darker colors it is one of the most widely used colors in marketing.


color in logo

Black is – mystery, elegance, power, stylish and timeless. If your product is classy and you want it to stand out, then use black in your logo and your marketing strategy. Perfumes, cars, bags, mobiles whenever you have an upgrade or a product that you want known for its exquisite quality and high upgrades then black is the color for you. Too much black can be frightening – Halloween/death, monsters etc.


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Royalty, spirituality and sensuality that are what this color denotes. Feminism, sophistication, luxury are all implied when this color is used in business advertisements. Violet and indigo have been used to calm mentally unstable patients too much dark purple however is linked with the opposite effect.


color in logo

Softness, feminism, innocence, warmth and nurturing these are what the color pink is all about. Beauty products, handbags, clothes, accessories, shirts, sandals for females all have pink as a strong color in their logos as well as marketing campaigns. Besides these pink has also been used by: tissue paper/doughnut/ice cream companies etc.

Besides individual color properties, some famous color combinations also represent different things:

White and Black

color in logo

the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy where two basic opposing energies meet to make everything happen. When used in branding it can mean also duality.

Brown, Green, and Yellow: This denotes: folklore, warmth, endurance, fairness.
Blue and Green: Adventure and quest.
Red and Green: Christmas Colors
Orange, Brown, Yellow and Red: Thanksgiving
Red/Orange and Yellow: A fire or a flame
Red, White and Blue: The colors of the U.S. flag. Purity and innocence are symbolized by white. Red is for valor and hardiness, and blue is of course justice, perseverance, and vigilance.

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