The Ever Greater Conveniece of Online Betting Technology

online bettingLess than two decades ago, the vast majority of bettors only had two options for some action. They could either make a trip to Nevada to place a sports bet, or they could look for a local bookie who may have ties to organized crime. That was they shadowy state of the industry then, but new online technologies have completely transformed the game. Here is a look at all the ways that the sports book industry has improved with the proliferation of online betting methods.

The Internet

The online sports being industry was the biggest technology to improve sports betting since the telephone. The ability of sports books to set up shop outside the United States and still cater to the huge sports betting market that exists in the country has completely transformed the industry. Bettors are no longer restricted to having to try and deal with shady local bookmakers. They can now bet in safety online, which is full of reputable bookmakers whose only worry is the misguided chase from the US Justice Department.

Mobile Betting

The Internet has made a huge effect on the sports betting world, but it is only in recent years that new technologies have developed to make the world of online betting really exciting. One of the latest and greatest of these technologies is mobile betting. Sports bettors can now use their iPhones, Android smartphones and other mobile devices to place bets with their books from anywhere that they have a phone signal.

online betting

This incredible convenience allows players to place many more bets than they could in the past. No longer are sports bettors tied to their computers when they are looking to place their bets. They can wait until the last minute to check for any news of injuries and lineup changes. This allows them to place their bets with total confidence that they have all the information necessary to give themselves the best chance to win.

Live Betting

One of the most thrilling of these new technologies is live betting. Live betting allows players to make bets on televised sporting bets while they are watching them. The sports books that offer live betting update the live odds every timeout or commercial break, which gives bettors lots of chances over the course of the game to seize opportunities for profit.

The Future is Bright

The online sport betting technologies will only get better as the 21st century rolls along. Mobile betting will continue to become more convenient. The only thing that is holding them back is the futile pursuit to stifle the industry by the US federal government, but there are signs that stupid fight may soon be over. When that day comes, the sky is the limit for these wonderful new betting technologies.

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