Social Media through Visuals: Ways on How to Do It

social mediaSocial media marketing today has changed a lot ever since the dawn of social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others. In fact, many experts say that establishing an online presence using these platforms in social media campaigns can be successful with the use of visuals. Creating and maintaining a visual presence in social media has become a very essential strategy among brands today, especially those big names where the visuals are truly extravagant with the lighting, editing, and productions and all. However, one may ask: how about the smaller brands? How can they establish a visual presence as powerful as the established brands? Well, there are ways on how to create and incorporate multimedia elements into the social media strategy that small brands can take advantage of. Here are some of them:

Start off on “visual” social media platforms

Getting a brand into the visual revolution in social media and seeing results right away is never easy. However, one can start off on establishing an online presence using visuals by creating accounts on such platforms as Instagram and Pinterest.

social media

Instagram has been well-known for its visual appeal because of the filtered pictures that people post. Using this platform, a certain brand can market a photo that is related to their company, which would help keep their followers engaged and interested. On the other hand, Pinterest enables the brand to connect with related communities and networks, again with the use of photos related to that brand. Taking advantage of either platform would be the right starting point to establishing an online visual presence.

Establish visual content that is branded

A lot of brands can take advantage of web photo editors such as PicMonkey to establish branded visual content. Graphics, for one, can help keep people engaged and interested on a brand, especially if the brand has followers on Facebook, Twitter, or on the two mentioned platforms above. Also, it is not always a picture of something related to the brand that can be interesting for the online audience. One can spice up a certain photo by adding a quote, phrase or saying, including the brand’s logo or website.


A brand can take on videos as a vital multimedia element to its visual social media campaign. As it is, video content is arguably the most engaging and interesting content that any brand can take advantage of, paving way to possible expansions into new platforms such as the ever-famous YouTube. While it is a requirement to post regular video content on YouTube to help establish an online presence, one may not be able to do so, especially if budget is a concern. However, a brand can still create engaging and creative videos by hosting video blogs or vlogs wherein an employee or a notable figure of the brand can host some of them.

Incorporating multimedia content such as photos and videos is taking social media strategy to the next level. Every brand, specifically the smaller ones, must recognize this in order to stand out amongst other brands in terms of creativity.

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