Printing Personal Images on Stretched Canvas

canvas printingGifted artists and commercial photographers aren’t the only people who are printing on canvas these days. The availability of digital printing studios, both locally and online, now allows everyone to bring family portraits, still frames from movies and videos and intimate images alive. Parents, teens, business owners, marketing professionals and everyday citizens are starting to take advantage of the options printing on canvas offers.

In the Calaveras Enterprise’s March 5, 2103 “Housecalls: The Power of Personal Photographs” article, a mother writes that she spent hours surfing through pictures in effort to find the best images to include in her daughter’s wedding album. Hers is not an easy job. She shares, “My job is to choose from 900 one-of-a-kind images, and edit them down to 50 I want preserved.”

To capture certain emotions and produce inspiration in viewers, it’s important to select the right images to share. It’s also important to select the right material to produce or enlarge the images on. Matted paper, glass, wood, metal and archival canvas paper are some material types you could print your favorite pictures and images on.

(canvas artwork stretched to fit a wooden frame is popular when working with oil paintings, egg tempura, water colors and acrylic. Department store and gallery artwork that has been mass produced often meets this criteria. However, not everyone who works with art earns a living (or wants to) creating or selling artwork. Some people simply want to enlarge their prints to ensure pictures that capture certain moments they share with family and friends remain in quality condition for decades.

Digital pictures, although easy to share via email, may not yet have the capability to last as long as some printed reproductions. The fact is that today, digital printing options, could make it possible for pictures to last, maintaining their original depth and quality, for years. However, if the technology the images are stored on is damaged or breaks down the quality of the images themselves may also deteriorate or be lost altogether. This fact alone may be a reason why old printing methods are not only enduring but also being revived. People want to do more than capture splendid memories; they want to preserve them.

When it comes to preserving images on a canvas, depending on the desired size and the definition of the picture being reproduced, it could take several hours or a day to finish. The process is becoming so popular amongst artists and everyday citizens that some small printing shops are springing up around the United States to transfer digital and print photographs onto quality canvas paper.

When deciding which fine art printer to work with, consider comparing prices and service options at storefronts that have been around for several years. It may also prove beneficial to look for print studios that produce paintings, sketches and drawings for respected artists, as some of the printing specialists may have previously worked as artists themselves.

About the Author

This post was contributed by Chicago native, Ayla Grand. After retiring as a financial analyst, Ayla began pursuing wedding photography and now owns and operates her own business.  She is passionate about making high quality art and photography accessible to everyone.