Looking for Background Images? Try Depositphotos

DepositphotosHave you ever experienced searching a good background image in internet and found nothing? Have you ever found a great background image but the price is so expensive? I think most of you have experienced that unpleasant moment; at least once. Every problem has solution, and one of the solutions for this problem is Depositphotos. Depositphotos is titled the fastest-growing microstock agency you can find in internet. This website could provide you wide range of images type in a big size of library. Not just that, they also sell it with cheap prize to the buyers and at the same time give interesting incentive to their contributors. In just a few years, they have become a great microstock agency with millions of users and collection. Well, that title does not lie.

This site has a lot of cheap stock images collection arranged in a list of categories. The categories are varied from abstract, illustration, vector, till background. Back to the previous topic about background, their collection reaches more than 6 million stock images. These images are not selected haphazardly, because every picture from contributor is carefully selected to ensure its quality. Besides that, every contributor is given rank based on their contribution, number of portfolio, or other related competencies. Thus, if you want a great works from a great artist, you can see the contributor’s rank first.

In Depositphotos, “background” is put together with “texture” into one category called Texture and Background refers to their shared similarities. So in case you only want to see the background images only without seeing texture images, you can use search function. You can just simply type “background” on the search box to have a full list of background images, or you can use the advance search option on the left panel and exclude the “texture” keyword from the result page.

In general, background stock images in this microstock website could be divided into 4 types: Vector, Photo, Abstract, Texture. There is no such a fix statement about this, but observing to this category, those four types of images dominate the whole collection.

Vector Background may be the most used type of image in background category. Vector is simple, colorful, and flexible, so that this type of image could be applied for almost every need.

Grungy disco background From Depositphotos.com

Photo Background is also quite popular used as background. Photo offers a realistic and artistic image for various needs, from presentation background to wedding invitation background.

Spring Background with brokeh effect From Depositphotos.com

Abstract Background is quite favorable for the buyers here. Abstract is also quite flexible to be used in every need since it does not need any specific theme.

Abstract background From Depositphotos.com

Texture Background is often used for advertisement or themed picture. Every texture brings its own characteristic, so it will be mostly needed for particular theme.

Dark Wood Texture From Depositphotos.com

With a big size of library, high quality images, variety, selected artists, and cheap prize, Depositphotos can be seriously considered as one of your image solution available on internet.