Reach Out Peoples with Poster Designs

poster designYou may have seen visually striking designs painted /pasted every where attracting attention of passer-by, making people taken some action. Posters, in the form of placards and posted bills, have been used since earliest times, primarily for advertising and announcements. However, the great revolution in posters was the development of printing techniques that allowed for cheap mass production and poster printing, including notably the technique lithography chromolithography which allowed for mass editions of posters illustrated in vibrant colors to be printed.

poster design

Poster can be printed in many ways. Though most of them are mass produced with help of printers, machines they can also be hand produced in limited editions. Here given below are some ways in which they can be produced:

Silk-Screen Process

Silk screen process is time consuming as each print is hand made. Chemical is added to screen during emulsion & after the chemical dries, transparent design is put on the screen and exposed to UV lights causing burning of image on screen. After cleaning of screen ink is pressed with help of squeeze & the posters are hung to dry out.


It uses the CMYK color scheme. The computer software corrects the colors and determines which inks will be used in printing Modern press has one to five color combination while some special prepress allows more colors.

The press is loaded with blank papers and each sheet is run through .The operator runs series of tests to verify image quality & alignments. This process is also known as proofing. Finally the posters are created through printer. The final step after printing is drying of poster by using heated cylinders.