Top 20 Typography Plugins to Increase the Readability of WordPress Blog

A beautiful blog with visually appealing content can increase the traffic to your WordPress blog in no time. It is not only the blog design, but also the presentation of the text is what that matters the most to the blog visitors. No matter how interesting your post is, your visitors will be drawn to read your post only if it has well-organized text. If you are using a free personal website program, this is probably an issue you won’t run into since posts are templated to be very clean. For the rest of us, here are the 20 plugins that can enhance the readability of your WordPress Blog in no time.”


Removing the headers and having it replaced with images is one of the great ways to enhance the readability of your blog. The advantage of the TTFT plugin is that it lets you use any kind of TrueType font for the headers. So, give a stunning look to your headers by making use of this flexible and easy to use plugin.

Drop Caps

If you want the first letter of the first word to line up with the very first sentence and drop down till the 3rd or 4th sentence, you can get it done with Drop Cap. The Drop Caps effects are often used in novels and written publications, where the first letter of the first word is large and stands out from the rest. You can give a similar drop caps effect to your blog post with this incredible plugin.

WP Typography

Make blogging easier with WP Typography. Be it writing or editing a post, the typography features is what that can help you do it with ease and clarity. The WP Typography plugin provides special typography features for your WordPress blog. For example, you can hyphenate text, adjust spacing, shorten lengthy URLs, place character intelligently, insert quotes and characters, include CSS hooks to style ampersand, add acronyms and special characters to your blog posts.

Simple Pull Quote

Get Important Points and Notes stand out from the rest of the text with the help of Simple Pull Quote. A Simple Pull Quote highlights the needed sentences in your blog. You are free to insert Pull Quotes at any sentence with this Simple Pull Quote plugin.

JQuery Font Resizer

Changing the font type can greatly enhance the look and feel of your blog. The jQuery Font Resizer provides you with 3 links, which you can use to re-size the font text of your blog.


Highlighting syntax is a great way to make it stand out from the code. The WP-Syntax allows you to highlight syntax with or without line numbers. Also, if you copy syntax from a different website, you can have it pasted to your blog without disturbing the formatting.

Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

As the name implies, this amazing plugin allows you to highlight syntax with ease. Being a renowned Syntax Highlighter, this plugin stands out from the rest because of its flexibility and ease of use. The good news is that this syntax highlighter is compatible with a many programming languages (including Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Delphi, CSS, C++ and more).


Add vibrant colors to your Syntax to make it stand out from other text. The WP-Syntax Colorizer plugin can help in coloring your Syntax and make it more visible.


Emphasize Syntax with stunning colors using CodeColorer. This simple plugin lets you color the code snippets that are placed in your blog.


If you are looking for a smart way to block search engines from screening your content, then you can get it done with the help of TextImage plugin. This plugin displays the blog text in a PNG image format, making it harder for search engines to locate those censored text.

WP Google Fonts

The font style is what that enhances the look and feel of the text. Give a boost to your blog text by trying out various Google Font types. The WP Google Fonts is all that you need to experiment a wide range of font styles.

Ban Cosmic Sans

Keep your blog posts free of Cosmic Sans font type. If you don’t prefer to use cosmic sans font type, then the Ban Cosmic Sans will help you greatly. The purpose of this plugin is to filter out Cosmic Sans font from your posts.

PS Disable Auto Formatting

Prevent WordPress from using the default auto formatting settings on your blog posts with PS Disable Auto Formatting. This smart plugin holds WordPress from stripping the tags while you are in the process of editing your HTML code.

Post Typographer

Enhance the typography in your blog posts automatically with Post Typographer. For example, the dashes with spaces will be converted to em-dashes, hyphens without spaces to n-dashes.

Author Intro For Post

Including Author information is a great way to increase the credibility of a blog. The Author Intro for Post saves you the time of writing information about the author. This plugin automatically gathers information about the author from the author name and bio information and constructs Author intro automatically. The Author Intro For Post adds an author introduction at the beginning of the blog post.


Adding Footnotes has got easier with the presence of WP-footnotes plugin. You have to type in a double parentheses to add footnotes to your blog.

Font Uploader

Create your own font files and apply them to your blog posts at the click of the button. The good news is that the Font Uploader allows you to upload all .otff and .ttf font files with ease. Since the premium version of this plugin supports internet explorer fonts, it keeps your fonts cross browser compatible.

WP Super Edit

With WP Super Edit, you can include many WYSIWYG options to your WP visual editor. Be it specifying styles or formatting tables, you can get it done easily with the additional options provided by WP Super Edit.


Add style to your blog posts by making use of WebFonts. WebFonts plugin provides you with access to 8,000 Web Fonts and supports more than 40 languages. Another remarkable feature of web fonts is that it allows you to use WYSIWYG editor so that can preview the web fonts as and when you type it.

Text Control

Try out various Syntax and Encoding options to format your blog posts in several different ways. This plugin has plenty of options that allow you to apply several formatting options to your WordPress Blog.

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