5 Great Tips to Make Content an Effective Part of Your Website Design

web designContent is as important a part of the web design layout as are the various design elements themselves. Websites that are a coming together of content and design, where one won’t make an impression without the other, are just about the perfect websites. Content and here we are talking about textual content that simply looks like text that remains aloof from the design elements of the layout of the web page, never works. On the other hand, text that looks like a part and parcel of the design of the web page, serves to make the page intuitive and engaging, where all the elements that are a part of the pages, combine to make an impact on the minds of the website visitors.

Let’s get down to the basics and take a look at how website design can become a sublime confluence of design and textual content.

Focus on value

Before anything, focus on what you are going to tell your website visitors. Forget about the design elements on the site for a moment and just think about the message that needs to be conveyed. Create content that enhances this message and delivers it in a manner that is best placed to make an impact. Once, you have some clarity in your mind about all that you want to say, start thinking about how your message can be aligned with the design elements that you have thought of using on your site. You need to coordinate your efforts to get the perfect mix of design and content on a particular page.

Brand your visuals

How about using content to make your visuals even more impressive? Yes, there is no doubt about it. The use of relevant visuals is important, but what is of even more importance is that you are able to brand those visuals with engaging content. This helps you brand your website at the micro level. You can use an incisive, creative and attention grabbing caption for a visual; or you could just use text to enhance the relevance of the visuals or certain images used on the website. Either way, you are taking steps to brand the visual elements on your website, which in turn will have a huge impact on your overall branding efforts.

Readability is crucial

This might not seem like that big a deal, but it is. Even if you have just one very straightforward text on you web page, it must be readable. Don’t forgo readability of your content for creativity, as unreadable content stands out, whatever its placement on your web page. So use intelligible font size and font type, the kind that gels extremely well with the surrounding visuals. Your inability to ensure the readability of your content can even have a detrimental impact on the ability of the web design to make an impression on its visitors.

CAPS, exclamation marks and other things

Effective content doesn’t mean using a lot of CAPS or exclamation marks, because that just confuses and doesn’t do much else. It’s advisable that you avoid using all caps content and never put an exclamation mark until and unless it is absolutely necessary. There are some designers who highlight certain texts with a splash of color or by making the text ‘bold’ so a as to highlight its importance. But, let’s face it. These are just gimmicks and not much else. The only question that you need to ask is whether highlighting the text is doing anything for the design of the web page or not.

Keep it simple

Coming up last is an innocuous sounding tip that should be adhered to with great seriousness. You will need to keep it as simple as possible. Aligning the design of your site with the text or vice versa, is not easy, so keeping things straightforward helps make your task much simpler. Don’t be afraid of a little bit of trial and error, to find out what works and what doesn’t. And the important thing is to not over complicate things unnecessarily.

To conclude

There might be a case wherein, whatever the nature of your efforts, you might not be able to manage a perfect coming together of content and the web design elements on the web page. But, the important thing is that you tried and you need to keep trying to achieve a perfectly balanced web design that is a perfect blend of content and design elements.

About the Author

Hazel Raoult loves all things web design and works for PLAVEB. She has worked on diverse and highly challenging web design projects and has gained interesting insights into various aspects of web design. She loves writing about web design and website development to share her knowledge with other like minded people.