Top 5 Promotional Sites To Share Your Design Related Articles

promotional sitesBlogging has caught on in a big way at a mind-boggling speed. With millions of articles being blogged daily, it has become very hard to obtain exposure and catch attention. This is true even in niches like web-designing and development. Well, here is some good news for the wannabe design-bloggers. There are special sites that are sure to enhance your blogging and reading experience when it comes to design-related articles.

1. Design Bump

John Campbell’s brainchild seems to have done pretty well in just two months of its existence. With a functioning style very similar to the popular Digg site, Design Bump specializes only in articles related to designing. The topics of these articles vary from graffiti to psd templates. The members submit articles which are then voted up or down by users via ‘bumping’. With personalized profile pages for members, plans are afoot for adding showcases, forums and galleries too. This niche social media site is definitely a boon for design-related website owners and bloggers.

2. Design Buzz

This is another wonderful web space for creative people to gather and share design and development related articles. Contributors are challenged to post the best content for only the best are hand-picked for featuring. The readers are thus, automatically ensured of high quality content. All the articles are submitted via RSS feed and are then manually scanned and evaluated. And all this is possible only if the contributor has been accepted by the Design Buzz Network. This ‘quality-barrier’ to entry ensures the best!

3. Smashing Post

For those in search of web development-related resources, the Smashing Post is the best one-stop shop. With hundreds of resource links and helpful tutorials, it will surely help build and develop skills. That apart, it is also one of the best places to share your articles related to web-development and design. The readers have what are called ‘Pintrest Boards’ where they can pin their favorite articles. This kind of pinning improves the ratings of a particular article. So, if you are thinking about anything from ads, artworks, e-commerce, JavaScript, Joomla, photography, mobile-apps, typography, vectors, WordPress and a host of other topics, this is the place to be.

4. Design Moo

Chris Wallace and Lift have developed, designed and maintained a community of active participants which you should consider joining if you are a designer. Design Moo is specialized for articles related to PSDs, Vectors, Textures, Patterns and Fonts. These commercial design resources are made available free to the members and contributors are valued and respected highly. The stuff available is real high quality and not mere ‘modified clip-art’! The resources available are so awesome and time-saving that just browsing through them might inspire you to make some great contribution of your own too.

5. Design Newz

Designers and developers with a penchant for blogging will swear by the success obtained from Design Newz. The site offers reviews, tutorials and resources that have been hand-picked based on their usefulness and quality. Updated daily with at least 10 new articles, the site has been an inspiration to a host of other similar sites. It would be a great way to obtain exposure to your experience and expertise.

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