7 Top Web Design Mistakes You Should Take Note Of

web design mistakesThere are millions of websites on the internet. To stand out from all of them you have to get a quality website. This means not only having a good organized web page but also good web content. For people new to web design there are points to consider. Some ideas you consider good may actually be terrible. Here are some web design mistakes that every web designer should avoid:

1. Unclear message

You may only have a few seconds to convey the message. Therefore ensure the viewer understands at first glance. Clearly outline the business and services being offered. It’s vital to include the location of business and contact details. If the viewer does not understand they will simply move to another webpage. This must not be allowed to happen.

2. Improper usage of colors

Although designers use lots of colors they don’t look good. Numerous flashy colors strain the viewers’ eyes. When the eyes are strained the viewer closes the page. Select two to three colors to blend well in your page. Ensure they combine well. To add more colors choose undertones of the existing colors. For more information on colors see Things Designers Need to Know about Colors.

3. Unreadable contents

First, do not go for fancy fonts. For the page to serve the purpose choose something easy on the eyes. The right type face in medium size is appropriate. Ensure utmost comfort ability in reading and avoid headaches.

4. Complicated navigation

Lay out everything clearly for easy navigation. Ensure the contact page is visible preferably on the top of page so that readers can easily reach you for questions. This will make all the difference as anywhere else will not be visible. Ensure links are clearly visible by putting them in different color, italicizing or underlining them. Do not confuse readers by using webpage texts that looks like links.

5. Wrong image format

The standard images of JPEG, PNG and GIF are the ones you should use to avoid problems. Do not use the improper size of images or web images that have not been fully loaded. It is important to know how to use good web images.

6. Improper advertising placement

Ensure you do not put adverts in the same space as the website content. This causes interruption when reading and some people find it annoying. It can drastically reduce your web visitors because reading becomes a very tedious task and understanding is very hard.

7. Browser compatibility

In order to ensure there is a great traffic; make sure your page is easily accessible from all browsers. This ensures you capture huge numbers of internet browsers at a go.

Web designing is a process whereby one makes a webpage and avails it to be viewed all over the world the content should be great because a website is very useful for advertising. Avoiding the above web design mistakes will be a big step towards getting an outstanding website page that will serve all your purposes very easily. Therefore, if you are a designer and have been getting it wrong every tine, these are the seven common web design mistakes you should avoid.

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