Avoid the Errors to Fabricate a Responsive Web Page

You must know the fact that your website represents you to the whole world. Hence, it is important for you to have a great website. It not only serves as a mere platform that helps a people find you out but, enables majority of the population to interact with you. It is often found that people pay less attention while they design their webpage. Hence, their websites become visually attractive but lacks focus. Thus, try to avoid some common mistakes that will help you become successful in web design.

3 Mistakes to be avoided

Read on to know the mistakes that you must avoid to keep you on the right side of the yellow page.

Avoid inculcating too much motion in your web page:

Motion is one of the trickiest things in website designing. It’s because, if you do it wrong then you’ll alienate your visitors to strange and unexpected places. Try to avoid using more that one motion element on your website. It’s because, any type of motion is attractive to the eyes and if a visitor finds that more than one element is moving in your website, they will be confused of where to look at first. If you still need to keep multiple motion elements on your website, then you have to coordinate its motion to make it less confusing and enhance its visual hierarchy.

responsive web design

Keep room for visitors to breathe:

While you’ll design your website, you must know the fact that the space around any object is termed as the negative space. You must try to include negative space in your website following any object. This will help you drag the attention of your visitors to the most important element of your web page. It will be useful for you to keep negative space around the action items that you want your visitors to click. It’s because, if a visitor faces problem to click on the link as it is too closely placed, then it will be frustrating for them.

Avoid using titles with low search engine visibility:

Attractive web page title is the major tool that will help one to search your website. Try to make your title humble so that, it helps your existing visitors locate the specific pages that they need. Try to use some useful information or words in your web page title that your visitors may search for and is related top your content.

Lastly, in web design you can use different colors to highlight your text or color the background to make your website attractive. Try to not use too many colors so that it puts strain on the eyes of the visitors. Use contrasting colors to flush your web page so that it helps you exert a pull on your visitors.