Ten Smart SEO Tips That Really Work!

SEOIf you are looking forward to boost the network traffic on your website, and you have the desire to get a high PR level at the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and others; then you should apply the right Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO tips and tricks in order to achieve the desired results. Before your website goes live, or you are in the design and development phase, you need to develop the SEO strategies that would allow you new online business to win in the competitive marketplace in an effective manner. Here we bring ten SEO tips for you that would help you in attaining the desired results from your online business.

1. Flash Works, But Not Always!

You need to understand between the needs of different types of websites, and different web pages. A Flash website might not work all the time, so you need to be prudent enough. A gaming website can definitely do wonders in Flash, but not necessarily a business website! So, use HTML, JavaScript and CSS where there is no need of interactive components.

2. Prefer Java Scripting for Hidden Content

JavaScript is always ideal to be used for hidden content and implementing high level of security within your website. Using a browser plug-in is recommended in this regard.

3. Use Smart Naming Conventions

While naming your website, web pages, images and other content; you should use a smart approach. Naming conventions can play an important role in increasing your PR over Google. So give name to the content and images by enhancing the context in terms of search engine spider.

4. Avoid Over-use of Links on Your Home Page

Providing internal links is important for enhancing the chances of any website to grow, but excessive usage of hyperlinks can drown the purpose.

5. Avoid Redundancy

Repeating links is not a good practice to enhance the PR of a webpage, so avoid this practice.

6. Keep the Keyword Density Rational

In the blogs, articles or other such content that you use to promote your business over the internet, take extreme care of the keyword density. Like, in a article of 500 words, keyword density between 5 to 8 is reasonable.

7. Blogging

Blogging can allow you to enhance your business in an effective manner, and you can also target your prospective clients in a better way by keeping them updated and interacted all the time.

8. Your Brand Name Should Be Unique and Emphasized

Lay particular emphasis on your brand name, and give a name that is easy to be remembered by people.

9. Code Optimization

Use highly optimized code and queries, so that the speed of your web pages remains good. It is always better to remove the extra spaces, comments and tags from the scripts, so as to make the code work faster.

10. Target Relevant Traffic

Receiving the relevant traffic is something really important for your business. Apply optimized SEO strategies to get hold of the smart traffic.

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