10 Useful Tools for Searching the Perfect Domain Name

domain nameSearching the correct domain name is an essential step for building a successful website. Correct domain name plays a vital part in SEO as well as branding of a website. Fortunately there are few very useful tools are available to help you in this procedure by not only helping you to search available domain names, but also plays a creative part by giving you suggestions. For this post, we’ve collected 10 useful tools for searching the perfect domain name.

Useful Tools for Searching the Perfect Domain Name

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Domize domain name search engine is powered by Ajax. Domize gives you full details as well as it run fast for checking extra domain name and saves your time a lot.

domain name can be used to estimate a value for an established website/domain name by using factors such as: links pointing to the domain, popularity of the domain, age of the domain, and PageRank of the domain.

Ajax Whois
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Ajax Whois is a complete and easy website for searching available domain names as well as WHOIS and other information about registered domain names.

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Squurl is another Aajax powered domain searching tool that makes your searches fast and effortless. It also has a practical domain shortening feature.

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Domainr helping you to find domain names outside the common extension such as .com’s, .net’s, and .org’s.

Domain Tools
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Domain Tools gives you a large collection of tools for finding domains with suggestions, WHOIS lookup, and domain for sale searches.

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DomainsBot helping you to search the correct domain name through giving you advanced search features within it.

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Dot-o-mator gives you domain name suggestions based on a keyword that you provide, and lets you to save the suggestions to a scratchboard. There is an iPhone app is also available.

Bust a Name
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Bust a Name is a tool that helps you for searching domain names as well as controlling them. It combines linguistic data with a unique interface to let you quickly search through thousands of domains and see which are available for you.

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NameBoy generates domain names based on the keywords, and you can register or back-order them.