Fonts Used In Logos of Popular Design Blogs

Many times while reading a blog/website, a question rises in our mind – What the font do designer used in this logo? Finding an exact font is really a difficult and detective work. Here are some logos popular design blogs with their font list. We’ve got quite a diverse amount of fonts to keep you interested, so have at it!

Outlaw Design Blog – Bleeding Cowboys
Outlaw Design Blog – Mido

Vandelay Design – Nevis
Vandelay Design

MyInkBlog – Yanone Kaffeesatz

Just Creative Design – Delicious
Just Creative Design

BittBox – Republika

Design O’Blog – Candy Script
Design O’Blog

The Design Cubicle – Droid Serif Italic
The Design Cubicle

Colorburned – Cocktail Shaker

Freelance Folder – Fontin Sans
Freelance Folder

Cats Who Code – Kari Pro Wide
Cats Who Code

Inspired Magazine – Aller Display
Inspired Magazine

CSS-Tricks – Chantilly Heavy

InstantShift – Myriad Pro Condensed Italic

Fuel Network – Futura
Fuel Network

SpoonGraphics – Strait

Line25 – Helvetica® Condensed Bold

Woork Up – FFF Forward
Woork Up

Tuts+ Network – ITC Lubalin Graph Demi
Tuts+ Network

Creattica – Cheltenham Bold Italic Headline

UX Booth – Archer Bold Italic
UX Booth

FreelanceSwitch – Futura® Com Extra Bold Condensed

Web Design Ledger (Old) – Rockwell
Web Design Ledger

Tutorial9 – Bleeker™

Build Internet – Myriad Pro Black Italic
Build Internet