Website Copywriting Guide for Beginner

website copywritingInternet is like a jungle and its user are information hunters in it. You have to keep this sentence in mind while writing for a web. Because mass of Internet users visit only websites which match their queries to get information as speedy as possible. Uniqueness, shortness and visibility are the primary factors which determine success of website writing. Besides these factors there are many other guideline principles you should follow to be successful writer on the web.

Clear and short

Since the mass of Internet users search websites for the needed information, fine website writing should be short and clear. So word count of your writing should be half of traditional writing. Your visitor should be able to understand the general idea of each paragraph as speedily as possible. Fancy language and composite sentences do not have any position within web.

Split into sections

Just number of words is not important in a good web copywriting. Organization and grouping are also important. Spitting your matter into parts is easily acceptable by readers who are giving a quick look to your page. Reader gets a clear idea about next paragraph from a clear sub-heading. And they can quickly decide that whether your site is right for them or not. Bulleted list of most important information is an excellent and easy way to offer information. Also, understand how your website looks in different browsers with different screen sizes. So that you can place most important and noticeable information on top. Hence user can get it without scrolling down.

How to catch readers

website copywriting

More often clicking of users on a particular item is depends upon eye-catching headline and a complementary photos or multimedia graphics. Newspapers and magazines are depends on their headlines to catch buyers. Website copywriter also should think their heading in a similar way. Headlines on a homepage are the only opportunity for a writer to convert visitor into reader for that story, so they should be clear, simple and eye-catching to visitors.

The main focus of headline should be on words that bring attraction, something entertaining or something that tell readers. But it must reveal what the article is about. Remember that there is nothing more frustrating for a web reader than clicking something on a link expecting to get needed information and discovering something different.

Website writers should follow the basic guideline of writing which is place the important information of article on the top. Because the majority of readers will not going to click on the second page nor they are going to bottom of article. So place most important information to readers before the age end.


website copywriting

Now a day for web copywriters SEO knowledge is necessary. While writing for a web, consider the keywords which are most relevant and include them into a title and entire body of article. But avoid keyword stuffing. Use applications such as Google Keyword Tool to have a scientific touch to your writing.


Many times a situation comes when you want to mention a fact without explaining it. Then importance of hyper-linking is comes in focus. You can link a specific word or a sentence like “For more information read this article”. Here you have to pay attention that your link must be set to open in new tab, so reader can get back to your site easily.

Another reason for using hyperlink is for credits. Link other well-written and helpful sources with that information. So your site will become valuable resources of information and reader will come back to your site.


Writing style not only makes your site to stand apart but also helps to catch readers. Make your writing style simple yet attractive and easily readable. Most of web readers favor the sites which have conversational and informal language style.

Utilize the multimedia

At last, remember that most useful ability of writing for web is blending the information with multimedia graphics. So use photos, video clips and flash to catch attention of readers. But do not use this stuff heavily as they will distract reader from main article. Just make sure that you have illustrated your text with multimedia at your best.