Treat Branding As a Science

tips for branding of companyI have read many articles and references in my life regarding web design and logo designing. Some of them were really good but some weren’t. I always think that designing logo is beyond the list of do’s and don’ts. Many times a logo is designed in such ways that it is hard to analyze just by looking at it. Naturally many times it’s easy to say that a logo is not good. The question rises that what makes one logo unique and other bad in appeal?  Here are some steps that should be considered while designing a logo.

The logo is a very imperative part of the brand of a company as it is the visual identity; hence it will be related with the whole market and business strategy of corresponding company. So, Logo must be a recognizable image if you are focusing audience through it. If you are getting clients through your brand identity then it doesn’t matter that others hate your logo or love it. Follow are the steps through a process of logo designing can be best defined as per my opinion:

1. Understand the business nature, model and marketing strategy of a company with a clear idea of the targeted audience and what they expect.
2. Corroborate the ideas of the business model with the audience. For that do various researches as well as polls to get keywords, colors, ideas, qualities of what the audience expects from that service.
3. Get as many images as possible for references and once again try to corroborate that with the targeted audience.
4. Blend these ideas with the data you got from previous step.
5. Sketch ideas on paper. Try to do as many sketches as possible. Because more sketches you draw, more uniqueness you will get.
6. Select three designs from these sketches and improve them, so select the one that suite the best with the research.

tips for branding of company

Unfortunately, sometimes designer have a strict deadline that makes impossible to do above steps. But still we can use other tools to get results. Google is a good example. It is the most popular search engine used by millions by internet users everyday. We can utilize the Google Image search to get some ideas of images related to a specific phrase. Beside this checkout other designers work as well.

tips for branding of company

Branding is what your customers memorize about you. It’s a thing which escorts you to a lasting impressions, first choice, and performance. Hence, logo design is much more than just designing a logo. It’s like a small budget advertising. For small business it’s essential to create a logo that really related to the product or philosophy of the company, while for huge corporations simplicity is the best policy, because of that we see most of the huge companies using just lettering or a piece of their past logos, e.g. Pepsi, Nike etc.

tips for branding of company

Logo should be in such a way that people can recognize the brand without reading the name, but having visual contact with form that were part of the logo. Such level of brand awareness gives low cost but effective advertising of company’s service or products.