Latest Apps and Websites for Designers

We are always in search of high quality stuff for our readers. And we find new apps and websites almost on every day basis. Some of them are not so good but some are really great. We compile every apps and websites so that they must be useful for web designers. Here we have collected apps of which some are used by web designers on in their daily works, while some are rarely used, but are still valuable. So let’s begin.

Latest Apps and Websites for Designers


Ember is the site through which web or graphic designers can share their design inspiration. Also you can save a portion of page or the entire contents which you need.


Dribbble allow designers to upload small thumbnail images as well as you can follow other designers and what they upload.

Web Font Specimen

Using Web Font Specimen you can test that how font will actually look on the web through cross browser testing.


Launchlist provide you a complete checklist of things which you need to verify before launching a website or blog.

Sensational Jobs

Sensational Jobs is a freelance job board for web designers and developers. It provides a listing of freelance or full-time jobs.


Glass allow you to add and share notes on the contents of any website.


Using Cu3er you can quickly create a Flash 3D image slider.


FontFonter allow you to see how different fonts will be look like on any website.

Microsoft WebMatrix

WebMatrix is a latest app from Microsoft for web design and development. It provide a complete testing environment with no need of server, and contains both code and database editor.


CloudApp allows you to share music, links, images, files and even videos from a menu bar.


OpenStack is open source cloud computing software which allows creating and offering cloud computing capabilities. It comes under Apache 2.0 License.


Anologue is a new and innovative way of chatting with unlimited numbers of peoples. It is like a combination of best components of Instant Messaging, Comments and IRC.


This plugin let you to make your WordPress blog look like an iPad app.


This jQuery plugin called Catch404 allow you to catch 404 errors before loading a new page and return its result in a model window.

AJ Help Desk

This is latest customer support app having a lot of useful features.

The Inspiration Blog

If you are willing to get inspired for your new projects, then you should visit The Inspiration Blog. It added inspiring images on regular basis.

CSS3 PIE (Progressive Internet Explorer)

CSS PIE adds a support for many CSS3 features (such as rounded corners, gradient effect, shadows etc.) in Internet Explorer.


Fake is the latest browser for OS X which allows automated recurring tasks.


This is a site which allow you to resize your browser window to popular sizes for web devices (like Nexus One, iPad, iPhone) and common laptop and screen resolutions.

App Inventor for Android

If you are non-developer and want to create Android apps then App Inventor is right tool for you. You can also use this tool to create apps for public release.


PandaForm is web form maker having ability to create and share form easily.


By using Urlist you can create a list of links which you can share later. It also provide bookmark system for adding items to your links.


iFontMaker is a font editor built for iPad. By using it you can build handwriting fonts and convert them into a TTF format easily.