15 Logos Having Hidden Messages

Designing logo is very difficult and complex task. Designer have to design a logo which is simple yet stands apart from crowd. Logo should describe the nature of business as well. Some designers are truly clever and make the logo very simple but they have a hidden message within the logo that has deeper sense. Into this article I have included some logos having such hidden messages. I hopefully think that you will definitely enjoy them.

Logos Having Hidden Messages


The logo of Amazon is very simple type. The arrow may just look like a smile. But actually it points from a to z and shows that we sell everything (from a to z) and the smile will be remain on the customers face when they bought a product from us.

Baskin Robbins

Into the Baskin Robbins logo it may look like that it simply BR above the name. Think wisely, here it also include the pink number 31 which represents original 31 flavors.


The Chick-fil-a logo cleverly fit a chicken into the C.


The meaning in logo of Eighty20 is very difficult to figure out. The two lines of squares stand for a binary sequence with the blue squares being 1’s and the grey squares being 0’s. This makes 1010000 which represents eighty and 0010100 which represents twenty.


The F1 logo is a quite simple that the white space in the middle makes the 1.

Facebook Places

Facebook’s new geolocational product Facebook Places which is in straight competition with the current leader Foursquare. You will notice that is a 4 in a square. You are clever enough to figure out that what it says?


Into plain text of FedEx Logo, look between the E and the X. It has an arrow which represents the speed and exactness of the company’s deliveries.

Milwaukee Brewers

The old Milwaukee Brewers logo may look like a simple catcher mitt holding a ball. It actually shows team’s initials m and b.

Museum of London

This logo may appear like a modern design but actually stands for the geographic area of London as it as grew up time by time.


The hidden peacock above the text of NBC logo symbolizes that the company’s motto to look forward and not back, and also that they are proud of the programs they broadcast.

Northwest Airlines

This old Northwest Airlines logo is a simple logo. But on the left picture represents both N and W and because it is enclosed in a circle that represents a compass pointing northwest.

Piano Forest

Into this simple logo you will only see the tree above text. But in fact they are keys on a piano. Hence it got meaning of both words i.e. Piano and Forest.


Bear hidden in the Matterhorn Mountain in the Toblerone logo shows where Toblerone actually came from.


Into this logo, there are two people sharing a chip and a bowl of salsa; which carries a message that people can connect with each other over a bowl of chips.

Treacy Shoes

Into this attractive and pretty logo of the Treacy Shoes, there is a shoe hidden between the t and s.