Web Design Fact or simply “WDF” presents articles, tutorials and inspiration based around the topic of web design. The majority of visitors are those with an interest in graphic and website design. They are often designers working in the industry or students studying the subject of design. They are generally users of Adobe Photoshop and or web coding applications, and are often bloggers themselves.

Advertising on WDF, gives you exposure to a well-targeted audience with massive social reach, and a website with significant monthly traffic.

webdesignfact-google-mapAverage Traffic Stats

Number of Daily Unique Visits: 300 to 600
Number of Monthly Pageviews: 35K

Alexa Rank: 365K
Pagerank: PR3

Social Media Following

RSS Subscribers: 1,451
Facebook Fans: 4,236
Twitter Followers: 51.6K


The large majority of viewers are from the USA, at 28.9% YTD (year to date). India and the UK make up another 19%, with Germany, The Netherlands, and Canada making up another 9.5% of site visitors.

Advertising Placements

Advertising is available on WDF in the form of graphic banners, prominently displayed in the header (728×90) and upper sidebar (300×250) of every page. We also offer smaller badges (125×125) in the lower sidebar (not shown).


If you are interested in pricing and advertising opportunities on WDF, then just contact us.